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Practice your bridge online! Bridge Online is brought to you by 'Bridge Online', New Zealand.

Play with a computer partner and computer opponents or play live games with other people!

Set your own bidding system and conventions.

Play with a computer partner and computer opponents in daily, weekly and ladder competitions.

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Bridge Online is operated by Bridge Online New Zealand and requires a separate subscription.

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From UK: 0800 032 7738
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Don't forget to set your bidding system and conventions the first time you play.

UK bidding is 'Acol' with 4 card majors, weak No Trump, Strong Twos and usually with Stayman and Blackwood.

This online bridge program is created and operated by 'Bridge Online', New Zealand.

With 20 years experience playing and teaching Bridge, New Zealand Grand Master Bridge players Graeme Tuffnell and Tina McVeigh recognised the need for a comprehensive system specifically designed to improve Bridge skills.

Designed originally for their local club, the system was an immediate success, even with novice computer users and new bridge players.


Getting Started:
There is no software to download or install (but check System Requirements). Just click the 'Play Now' button and you can be playing within minutes! For most of the features it's just you against the computer, so you can take as much time as you need and no fear of being embarrassed by your mistakes! There is a free trial period for 7 days.

Payment by monthly subscription to Bridge Online, New Zealand is just NZ$10 per month (about 4.00. Exchange rate). There is no long term commitment, you can cancel your subscription at any time.


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